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Meet the Team – Inverawe’s Heart

June 6th, 2013

Meet Andrea, our darling Office Manager.  She’s been at Inverawe for four years and is the voice of calm for both her colleagues and the many customers who she talks to on a daily basis.

She makes sure all the orders are processed for both Trade and Mail Order and then deals with any issues arising on delivery, packing and products.  Literally she is at the very center of Inverawe, answering questions from “where’s my order?” to “what’s the best way to serve Gravadlax”.

Always ready with a cheery smile and always there to solve a problem, you can rest assured that she will always go that extra mile.   When asked what she liked most about her role here Andrea said,  “Being able to help people.  Whether it’s choosing a lovely gift or product to fixing things if they go wrong.  It’s always good to turn a situation around for the better and leave a customer satisfied.”  However there are some customers who even Andrea struggles to help, she remembers once being stumped by a customer who demanded that a helicopter  deliver a parcel after it had been delayed due to horrific weather conditions.  “Our carriage charges may have to increase by a substantial amount for that service!”

Andrea says the only thing she would wish for at Inverawe is a team of  “our own delivery drivers” which she would “hand pick”!

Her five word description of Inverawe is……  Fun, exasperating, friendly, manic, interesting.

Inverawe would be thoroughly lost without her.

 Here she is looking after wee orphan lambs on her partners farm, Andrea is definitely our “carer”.

Meet the Inverawe Team

June 3rd, 2013

DeannaWHere’s the first of our meet the team interviews.  We hope to be able to bring you a little insight into, not just what we do here but indeed, “who does” it.

First up is our Fabulous Foodie – Deanna Williams.

Deanna lives in Leith, Edinburgh, and has been Inverawe’s Trade Sales Manager for 8 years.  She is a phenomenal Foodie and just loves being out and about in “Foodie Heaven” looking after our Farm Shops, Delis, Food Halls, Restaurants and even the odd Train – Orient Express springs to mind!

Although Edinburgh is home she does have a hankering  to be over on the West Coast and can be found on the Isle of Mull on holiday whenever she can.

When asked for five words which sum up working for Inverawe she responded  “Funny, Fishy, Fantastic, Frantic and occasionally Frustrating.

Here’s Deanna with Martha, her wee girl, out enjoying a cycle.  Deanna said there wasn’t much cycling coming from the back pedals!


Wowzer! An Exhibition of Trout Pate

May 31st, 2013

Smoked Loch Etive Trout

Here’s a delicious picture of our Inverawe Smoked Trout Pate, with Leaf Salad, Lemon and Dill Dressing.  Executive Head Chef, Brian McDonald served this up to a VIP Lunch of 550 at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre recently.  Simple, beautiful and deliciousness on a plate.  It got us thinking.  How do you serve up Inverawe smoked pates?


Robert’s New Boys

April 29th, 2013

Robert would like you to meet his new boys,  Bacon & Sausage.  They are Oxford, Sandy & Blacks and are happily routing about up by the Lilly Loch in their custom made pen.



Chris and Loo – Our fantastic duo

April 22nd, 2013

Meet Chris and Loo, they have been working with Inverawe for a number of years now.  They are the worlds best promoters and tasters, telling everyone how good we are.  We love them very much.  Such a lovely couple and great fun. 

Lucinda and Chris Deacon-Davis, husband and wife team,  based in Tewkesbury, Glos,   Although this is a spare time activity for both, they are keen  foodies with a love of local, tasty and unusual foods and are keen to get the exceptional taste of Inverawe products over to the discerning and more widespread public. 

A holistic therapist by trade, Lucinda is also a keen upholsterer  when time permits.   Chris is a enthusiastic  jam maker in his spare time , with the emphasis on using local sourced cheap fruit and he is also known to make a mean loaf of bread.


Inverawe at Ballathie House Hotel

April 9th, 2013










Here’s a plate fit for a King and Queen.  Inverawe Smoked Salmon with Killin Crab, Avocado and shaved Fennel.  We are extremely proud of our association with Ballathie House, one of Scotland’s finest Hotel set amidst the most beautiful of Perthshire countryside.  If this dish makes your mouth water just have a look at their website.  www.ballathiehousehotel.com/dining/restaurant


The Fort of Fun

April 5th, 2013

Inverawe's New Climbing FortBring the kids along – they are going to love the new Fort at Inverawe.  Monkey bars, climbing frame, swings a slide and the best built Fort around for sighting those indjuns!  Mum and Dad, you can relax and enjoy a plateful of wonderful Inverawe smoked goodies and a well earned properly brewed coffee.  Come to Inverawe and see what we’ve done!

Mother’s Day Gifts

March 1st, 2013

Beautiful, delicious and unique Mother’s Day gifts now available. Don’t miss out as these need to be ordered by 12pm on the 7th to ensure you don’t disappoint Mum on Sunday! You have been warned.The Willow Tray

Swing today, gone tomorrow!

November 12th, 2012

This morning marks an end of an era and the start of something very exciting at Inverawe Café!

The swings are being dismantled, to be replaced over the winter with a fabulous play area which will be ready forThe Play Area the 2013 season.

Watch this space and in the meantime why not share your memories of the old swings and slide with us.

I can’t believe that the young grandson I pushed is a big strapping lad who is going off to university  next year!  Did you push your kids in the baby swings?  Were you brave enough to stand up on the big swings or did your granny and granddad take you on the swings when you were wee?

Early Bird

November 7th, 2012
Hello bloggers!  Just a small reminder that if you want to save on Christmas Smoked Salmon and you don’t mind keeping it in the Freezer then our EARLY BIRD offers are just the ticket. To qualify for the discounts you have to have your salmon delivered before the 4th of December.