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Meet the team – Kirsty the Cash!

Kirsty MacIntyre works in our Accounts department, she’s been with us for over 8 years now.

It’s Kirsty’s job to make sure that invoices are logged properly and monies banked.  She is a wonderfully safe pair of hands, spotting a discrepancy here and an underpayment there – nothing gets past our Kirsty’s eagle eyes.

She lives in Dalmally (about 30mins away) with her, great fun family.  I know she loves the variety of her role, which seems to be a theme throughout all the interviews I’ve had.  Working for a small business you can get mucked in on many levels and the Accounts Dept is no exception.  Kirsty provides an invaluable backup to the Admin team when they are under pressure, she really is a multi tasker!

 Her Five words on Inverawe are……… Different, Manic, fun, friendly…… and Christmas!


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