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Newest addition to the Inverawe family

Hello Inverawe Bloggers

Unfortunatley I have to bring you the devastating news that the Inverawe Milk Float has given up the ghost after an astonishing 10 years of service.   Although sad to wave her goodbye we are thrilled to welcome a new addition to the Inverawe family.

Here she is, a 1965, Morrison Milk Float and she’s already proving her worth delivering our delicious smoked goodies from the smokery to the warehouse.  But there’s just one thing our environmentally friendly, electric work-horse needs, and that’s a name.  

So over to you, our dedicated bloggers, can you think of a fitting epithet for out retro cart.  Leave your comments and we will have a vote for our favourite.


Interesting Milk Float facts:

  • A milk float travels fairly slowly, usually around 10 to 16 miles per hour (16 to 26 km/h)
  • Before the milk float, dairy supplies were delivered using horse-drawn milk floats
  • A typical milk float can cover from 60 – 80 miles on a full charge
  • The milk float land speed record is currently 52mph

4 Responses to “Newest addition to the Inverawe family”

  1. charriewhite says:

    I would like to enter the following three names into the milk-float competition:

    The Haddock Hauler
    Rosie’s Rolls Royce
    The Poseidon

  2. Anne McMunn says:

    How about:

    Romano’s Roller
    Bertie (for Robert)
    Electric Ernie – the fastest milkcart in the West!

  3. inverawe says:

    Many thanks chaps for your brilliant suggestions. There are more ideas being added via Facebook and internally.

    I have posted them all on the staff notice board and we’ll take a vote on Friday.

    Many thanks,
    Inverawe Blogmeister.

  4. Georgie says:

    “Salmon Smoothie”

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