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Free recipe booklet giveaway madness

Our lovely friends at Seafood in Schools gave us some delicious little recipe booklets recently and they could be yours – yes, yours!

The colour booklets feature ten completely easy and tasty salmon recipes. We cannot get enough of the salmon teriyaki and the hot smoked salmon florentine.

All you have to do is sign up to our blog here and leave a little comment below by ‘posting’ something. The first 20 to post a comment will receive a booklet.

It could be as simple as a ‘hello’ or a heartfelt plea about why you need more free salmon recipes in your life or maybe a beautiful poem that your soul has been bursting to share with the public. A poem won’t get you more recipes but we will all pat you on the back and say, ‘Very well done, old chap’ and be as kind as your Mum would be. Promise.

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16 Responses to “Free recipe booklet giveaway madness”

  1. michelleoban says:

    I use your delicious hot smoked salmon in a pasta salad with lemon pepper dressing , cherry tomatoes, spring onions and sweet corn but I need more recipes! Thank you:)

  2. clare bundy says:

    hi i use your smoked salmon as my husband loves it, which makes us visit you nearly every year travleling 500ish miles, from Dorset or seeing your stand at the shows. but need more ideas and recipes thank you xx

  3. janicebay1 says:

    Hi, both me and my husband love salmon but always seem to cook it the same way creating the same dish, would love some ideas to create different meals with salmon xx

  4. roos1ter says:

    I’m stuck in the a bake it/fry it rut, and adding fennel or cajun spices is about as sophisticated as I get. Any help to broaden my horizons much appreciated!

  5. notAnn says:

    I *love* salmon but all I can do with it is steam it with a sprinkle of dill. I’d love some other recipes to try out!

  6. M Duffus says:

    I would love more recipes for smoked salmon, thank you.

  7. Diane Lamb says:

    Love your dill gravalax. Would like other ideas for smoked salmon.

  8. janejeffery says:

    Just love your Royal fillet, and everyone loves the Catherine Wheels. Have visited you – all the way from West Sussex

  9. inverawe says:

    We are blushing at the nice things you’ve said. Thank you so much. For those who are stuck in a salmon rut then fear not for those rescue recipes are in the post.

  10. peter.ledger3@btopenworld.com says:

    I,m a long way from Inverawe but its beauty stays with me wherever i am in the world, its always so good to come back and feast on the best smoked salmon in the world, keep up the good work peoples !!

  11. peter.ledger3@btopenworld.com says:

    Oh no, ive jus submitted my recipe for canapes and then read the comp ended on monday ! doh !!!

  12. inverawe says:

    What a shame, Peter! It won’t be wasted though as there’s bound to be another recipe competition at some point. Save it for next time or share it on our Facebook wall if you feel the world deserves not to wait.

  13. katwoman2 says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I’ve been really running out of ideas that work with salmon. I think we’ve done crusted and pesto topped to death!

  14. nsmith says:

    Love visiting from Kent and enjoy all the products from there. Our Christmas hampers are excellent. Would love new recipes for salmon.

  15. rh121 says:

    Just noticed your great blog. Look forward to receiving the recipe book and reading future blogs.

  16. annwall says:

    Love your foods. Hope there’s still a book left for me!

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